Open Source Projects has led the development of several Open Source projects hosted on Google code.

Open Forum

A free and open source application providing an integrated web server and Wiki. It comes ready to run and has integrated user authentication. It will run on any platform that supports Java 1.4 or later. This includes Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Java Remote Control

A simple application to allow remote viewing of a desktop and control of the mouse and keyboard of the remote machine. Uses:
  • An alternative to a KVM switch
  • For remote monitoring of PCs
  • For remote PC support
  • As a VNC
One Stone Soup Core
A set of core libraries for use in applications


An easy to use, quick to implement, stand-alone application frame work using xml configuration files and data model.

The framework is self describing. This means that the framework can be built and modified using an application built using the framework. Wow I hope that was clear :)


Giraffe is a graphical application framework developed entirely in Java. An applications graphics model is defined in xml and has behaviour assigned by plugins developed in Java. Giraffe uses its own model definition language called Graphics Markup Language.

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