Open Forum USB Wiki Stick


£19.99 inc. P&P and Tax

OpenForum is a knowledge tool that stores all the information that's personal to you, in any way you like.

This flexible solution lets you create, change and organize words, documents, photographs, pictures and presentations in a single place. You won't loose anything either as OpenForum has an integrated search facility to make locating information easy.

And now OpenForum is available wherever you are on this portable USB stick.

You don't have to keep all this to yourself. OpenForum helps you share your knowledge with an integrated web server and screen casting tool. Use OpenForum to distribute a tutorial; or create a presentation for your colleagues to watch from their desks, anywhere in the world. If they need a copy of your work, just copy the OpenForum and give it to them!


Fully customizable, OpenForum lets you choose how to see and store your information with a number of supplied templates. If these don't suit your needs, you can add your own graphics and even change scheme depending on who you are showing.



  • A Personal Journal
    - keep a record of events and ideas on a single portable device
  • A Photo Album
    - store and annotate your photographs
  • WebCasting
    - share a view of your screen with others worldwide, using the internet
  • Searching
    - find your information on OpenForum quickly and intuitively
  • Tagging
    - link related information of different types
  • Page Templates
    - change the look and feel of your pages with a single click
  • Auto Start
    - runs direct from compact and elegant USB memory stick *
  • Plenty of Space
    - space for 10,000 pages or up to 2GB of data

£19.99 inc. P&P and Tax


  • 32 bit Windows XP or Vista to run out of the box
Will run on Linux and Mac. Contact for details.
  • A Web Browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • One free USB port
  • Auto Run must be enabled for the Wiki to Auto Start
For alternative start options see the readme.txt file in the Root of the USB directory.

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